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Unlock the potential to bring about large-scale change in someone who is open and committed to life-long learning and thriving futures, regardless of their background or status. 

Together, we can build a brighter future for rural, regional and remote Australia. Join us today by donating and become a catalyst for change. Let's plant the seed to grow leadership from the ground up. 


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Empower voices from every corner

Countless high-potential change-makers, trailblazers, and voices from diverse backgrounds are yearning to be heard. They are ready to unleash their ideas and make a meaningful impact for the greater good of their communities.

Bridge the gap across rural industries

Not all industries and sectors present in rural communities prioritise adaptive leadership development. Unfortunately, those who need it most often find themselves without the necessary resources or support to nurture their potential. 

Invest in rural growth and prosperity

Authentic leaders inspire innovation, foster collaboration, and create sustainable solutions to address pressing complex issues such as drought, economic resilience, community well-being, and environmental sustainability. 

Every year high potential change-makers miss out

Kalair wants policies to match rural challenges

Kalair McArthur is a government policy nerd and founder of Rural & Remote Development Consultants. She is committed to creating policies that acknowledge the particular challenges of rural and remote areas—so communities can learn from each other’s successes.

Sam wants to see strong and safe communities

Every day, Sam Abbott, alongside her community corrections colleagues, makes a profound impact on the lives of thousands of people in rural, regional and remote communities. Recognising the importance of enabling her colleagues to deliver their best, Sam completed  state-wide reviews identifying both barriers and strengths within the process of reintegrating ex-offenders into communities.

She saw the Australian Rural Leadership Program as a chance to build on this work, start broader conversations and diversify her approach to risk management and problem solving. She was also hoping to draw from the on-country experience to deepen her understanding of Indigenous culture.


"By actually making that contribution, we’ve got skin in the game. We’re walking the talk. For us, it grounds us to that priority, and taking the time to reflect on why it is a priority, and we’re committed to doing that."

Ross and Edwina Sharrock

"For some teachers, their sole job is to educate and teach kids – and that’s ok. But I’d like to challenge that there’s a bigger picture to be seen. I want to see myself as a principal remembered for making positive changes, influencing others and bringing young leaders up. I’m incredibly fortunate and humbled to receive the alumni scholarship."

Paul Harmer

“I grew up in an environment that was at times difficult, so I know what it’s like to need a hand to stand up and make a difference. That’s why I’m investing in the ARLP – if you have the capacity to give, then do it, and know that it’s going to make a huge difference.”

Tim Ferraro

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Support rural, regional, and remote communities by donating today and empower change-makers to create a stronger future for all.
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